Is stopping, feeling, breathing.

Senze is all about living and enjoying life. It is to stop, to feel, to breath. It is to take care of your body and your soul, living a slow lifestyle that encourages you to evolve and be the best version of yourself.

Senze is a brand created with the intention of inspiring and encouraging people

to make small positive changes in their lives, that will lead them to evolve and take care of their wellness.

It’s Gemma and Cristina, aunt and niece, two passionate about slow living, personal growth and spiritual development. Join us through this journey to a conscious lifestyle opened to well-being.



I am Cristina and since my first breath I love being enthusiastic, smiling and bringing light to my life and to the lives of those around me.

Living in Norway has taught me to connect with nature in a very special way, appreciating the beauty that exists in every little moment.

In my free time you will find me dreaming about my next trip, practicing yoga, meditating, sharing a tea with someone I love or capturing the beauty of every moment with my camera. 

I feel really lucky to reflect in this project my own philosophy of living, so that otherscan find harmony and calmness in their own lives. 

As co-founder of Senze, I am in charge of leading the Communication and Digital Marketing.

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My name is Gemma and I am a life enthusiast, this school in which we are always learning and evolving. 

I always trust my intuition and let it guide me. When I take a look back, I feel I have always been flowing through life. 

What relaxes me the most, is walking through dense forests. I love art and Egypt. I enjoy meditating and everything that happens when I do it. I like surrounding myself with positive people. Sharing life experiences. Laughing.

Senze is a project with soul and I give thanks every day because it is real! With it, I focus my energies in helping others optimize their own, so that their life is a little bit more beautiful, more relaxed, more harmonious.

I am the other half of SENZE and I lead the Product Management. I love preparing all your orders with all my love!






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