Crystals are semi-precious stones

The Mother Earth has formed naturally during millions of years.

Throughout history, many civilizations have admired the beauty of minerals, their unique vibration and their healing powers.

Have you ever heard of the benefits of having these little treasures nearby?

It has been shown that your energies are balanced and your vibrational frequency rises, transmitting well-being, harmony and positivity

Small treasures to feel… that will be by your side for a lifetime

Introducing The Senzebag Collection

Introducing The Senzebag Collection, a collection of high quality crystals created with a clear purpose: taking care of your well-being and accompanying you on your path through personal and spiritual development.

You just have to find your favourite Senzebag!

Clean crystals physically
and energetically.
Ready to be used!

We charge and programme
your crystals with
universal energy

Elegance and pureness
in crystals from the best

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